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The Graduate School of Green Growth and Sustainability (GGGS) is a graduate (master's and doctoral) program established at KAIST to foster world-class researchers who will create transdisciplinary knowledge that integrates science & technology, policy, and finance to achieve global green growth and carbon neutrality, and to nurture leaders and entrepreneurs in the private and public sectors to address sustainability issues in the social, economic, and environmental domains.

GGGS, which opened in February 2023, succeeds the Graudate School of Green Growth, which developed leaders in green management and policy, and the EEWS Graduate School, a center of excellence in green and climate technology."

The Graduate School of Green Growth & Sustainability, dedicated to fostering a comprehensive understanding of carbon neutrality in S&T and policy/finance, offers full-time master’s and doctoral degree programs.
The curriculum is centered around the four key areas for solving carbon neutrality issues: Carbon neutral technology systems, assessment of carbon neutrality implementation, green energy systems, and resource circulation technology systems.

Mandatory General


GGS Prescribed Elective I

(Core course)
GGS Elective courses
  • Climate · Environment Impact Assessment
  • Climate · EconomyLaw · Policy
  • Climate · EnergyTechnology Assessment
  • Masters’ · PhD Seminars
Participating department elective courses
  • Green Energy System
  • Resource Recirculation Technology System
  • Carbon Neutral Technology System
  • Assessment of Carbon Neutrality Implementation

GGS Prescribed Elective II


Thesis research

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