GGGS KAIST 녹색성장지속가능대학원


Advancement of climate intelligence

Deriving S&T solutions for carbon neutrality through carbon neutrality assessment, evaluation of climate technology and policies, and climate impact assessment KAIST Integrated climate assessment

Integrated assessment of climate technology

  • Presenting R&D roadmaps for climate technology
  • Optimizing climate technology portfolios
  • Assessing the value of climate technology investments

Integrated assessment of climate policies

  • Proposing technology-informed climate change mitigation and adaptation policies
  • Evaluating carbon neutrality implementation
  • Assessing industrial/economic/employment impacts

Integrated assessment of climate impact

  • Assessing climate and environmental impacts
  • Evaluating climate finance risks
  • Assessing biodiversity risks

Advancement of Innovation Platform for Climate Technology Systems

Establishing an innovation system (development-demonstration-deployment) for carbon neutrality technology, green energy, and resource circulation technology Resource Circulation Technologty System

Climate technology system development

  • Climate technology research that considers the interaction between technology and society
  • Climate technology system that considers the interaction between technologies

Climate technology demonstration

  • Validation of the socioeconomic impact of climate technology
  • Demonstration of climate technology at scale

Climate technology deployment

  • Deployment of proven climate technology system beyond unit technology
  • Establishment of a virtuous system in which technological innovation drives the market and industrial growth

Establishment of ecosystem for climate technology breakthroughs

Supporting development and commercialization (Lab to Market) of innovative, high-impact climate technology solutions

Pursuing development of innovative technologies

  • Core technology R&D to accelerate breakthroughs
  • Securing original technology in hard-to-abate sectors

Discovering promising technologies and supporting commercialization

  • Assessing the carbon neutrality impact of existing technologies at KAIST
  • Providing active commercialization support for proven technologies Linking technology demand and investors

Creating an ecosystem for climate technology breakthroughs

  • Supporting climate technology breakthroughs through the establishment of climate technology holding companies
  • Establishing a virtuous system that reinvests generated revenue into research