GGGS KAIST 녹색성장지속가능대학원


Remark * : standard course of the shared course
□ : competitive subject
◎ : Bachelor·mutually recognized course in graduate school

Table of Curriculum
Classification Subject No. code Subject Name Lecture:Lab:Credit
Semester Remark
GGS501 G9.501 Climate Policy and Finance 3:0:3 Spring
GGS502 G9.502 Energy and Environmental Technology 3:0:3 Fall
GGS503 G9.503 Global Green Growth Strategy 3:0:3 Fall
GGS504 G9.504 Science of Climate Change 3:0:3 Spring
GGS511 G9.511 Project for Carbon Neutrality Technology Systems 3:0:3 Fall ◎, □GGS502
GGS512 G9.512 Project for Green Energy Systems 3:0:3 Spring ◎, □GGS502
GGS513 G9.513 Project for Resource Circulation Technology Systems 3:0:3 Fall ◎, □GGS502
GGS514 G9.514 Project for Carbon Neutrality Assessments 3:0:3 Spring ◎, □GGS501
GGS521 G9.521 Integrated Assessment of Global Environmental Problems 3:0:3
GGS531 G9.531 Energy and Environmental Data in the Computational Social Sciences 3:0:3 Fall *HSS554
GGS532 G9.532 Carbon Accounting and Climate Information Disclosure 3:0:3 Spring
GGS533 G9.533 Techno-Economic Evaluation of Green Power Generation System 3:0:3 Spring
GGS534 G9.534 Sustainable Systems Design and Life Cycle Assessment 3:0:3 summer
GGS541 G9.541 Microeconomics 3:0:3 Fall *BTM504
GGS542 G9.542 Green Economy and Policy Analysis 3:0:3 Spring ◎, □GGS541
GGS551 G9.551 International Relations, Law and Policy of Climate, Environment and Trade 3:0:3 Fall
GGS552 G9.552 Climate and Green Technology Law and Policy 3:0:3 Spring
GGS571 G9.571 Special Lectures on Green Growth and Sustainability I 3:0:3 Fall
GGS621 G9.621 Climate and Environmental Scenario Assessment Methodology 3:0:3 Fall
GGS641 G9.641 Theory of Consumer Behavior and Decision Making 3:0:3 Spring *BTM637
GGS642 G9.642 Energy and Resource Economics 3:0:3 Spring □GGS541
GGS643 G9.643 Advanced Econometrics 3:0:3 Fall *BTM701
GGS644 G9.644 Climate Risk and Sustainable Finance 3:0:3 Spring
GGS645 G9.645 Sustainable Energy Finance 3:0:3 summer
AI501 F2.501 Machine Learning for AI 3:0:3 Spring/Fall
CC512 11.512 Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering 3:0:3 Spring/Fall
DS501 G8.501 Statistical Inference for Data Science 3:0:3 Spring
STP601 66.601 Survey in Science, Technology, and Public Policy 3:0:3 Fall
BTM530 G2.530 Accounting Principles 3:0:3 Spring/Fall
EE469 35.469 Brains, Machines, and Socities 3:0:3 Spring
CD401/402 B2.401/402 Multidisciplinary Capstone Design I / II I(Choose 1) 2:6:3 Spring/Fall
CoE491 B6.491 Special Topics in Smart Convergence 3:0:3 Spring/Fall
ME554 B7.554 Future energy-utilization engineering 3:0:3 Fall
CBE571 39.571 Energy Engineering 3:0:3 Spring
MS626 34.626 Physical Properties of Energy Materials 3:0:3 Spring
EE464 35.464 Electrical Engineering for Green Energy 3:0:3 Fall
EE567 35.567 Photovoltaic Power Generation 3:0:3 Spring
MO501 G3.501 Modeling and Control of Electric Propulsion Systems 3:3:4 Fall
MO520 G3.520 Electric Powertrain Engineering 3:0:3 Fall
MO531 G3.531 Battery System Modeling and Control 3:0:3 Fall
CE475 37.475 Waste Management for Circular Environments 3:0:3 Spring/Fall
CE560 37.560 Smart and Green Environmental Design 3:0:3 Spring
CE545 37.545 Applications of Artificial Intelligence to Transportation System Analyses 3:0:3 Spring/Fall
ME312 B7.312 Energy and Environment 3:0:3 Fall
EE793 35.793 Systems and Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 3:0:3 Spring
CBE771 39.771 Advanced Electrochemical Engineering 3:0:3 Fall
MS526 34.526 Semiconductor Photoelectrochemistry: Fundamentals and Energy Applications 3:0:3 Fall
MS617 34.617 Solid-State Electrochemistry 3:0:3 Spring
MS673 34.673 Photochemical Materials 3:0:3 Spring
EE563 35.563 Display Engineering 3:0:3 Spring
EE568 35.568 Introduction to Organic Electronics 3:0:3 Fall
STP501 66.501 Science, Technology, and Global Development 3:0:3 Spring
BTM535 G2.535 Technology Management and Corporate Finance 3:0:3 Spring/Fall
BTM635 G2.635 Investments Theory 3:0:3 Spring
IE432 31.432 Decision Analysis and Risk Management 3:0:3 Spring
IE471 31.471 Artificial Intelligence for Finance 3:0:3 Spring
IE532 31.532 Simulation and Modeling 3:1:3 Spring
Research GGS960 G9.960 Thesis Research (MS) Spring, Fall
GGS980 G9.980 Thesis Research (PhD) Spring, Fall
GGS966 G9.966 Seminar (MS) 1:0:1 Spring, Fall
GGS986 G9.986 Seminar (PhD) 1:0:1 Spring, Fall