GGGS KAIST 녹색성장지속가능대학원


KAIST scholarship

  • Scholarship funding : Scholarships established by KAIST, external funding, professor research funds, etc.
  • Applicants currently employed (including on leave) by affiliated institutions are not eligible for support. However, they can apply for support if they plan to retire before admission. In this case, acceptance (enrollment) will be canceled if retirement does not occur before admission.
  • If the education expenses of KAIST scholarship recipients are supported from professor research funds, the professor providing such support becomes the advisor. Therefore, major options may be limited depending on the advisor's specialization.

General scholarship

  • Scholarship funding : Applicant's affiliated institution
  • Mandatory documents for admission include a letter of recommendation for admission from the head of the affiliated institution (in the specified format by KAIST) and a certificate of employment.
    ※ If the contents of the recommendation letter are found to be false, acceptance (admission) will be canceled.

Military-Academy Program

  • Qualifications : Individuals selected through the process conducted by the Army, Navy and Air Force pursuant to Article 4 (1) of Regulations on Military Entrusted Students, and recommended by the Minister of National Defense
    ※ Active-duty military personnel who have not been selected as military entrusted students must apply through the regular admission process, not the military program
  • Student classification : General scholarship only
  • Note : Select “military-academy program for spring semester” in the “semester” section of the online application program