GGGS KAIST 녹색성장지속가능대학원


KIM, MingyuDoctorate course
  • "Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Pusan National University (2021) Master of Construction and Environmental Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (2023)"
Sustainable consumption ESG Scope 3 emissions
Student Kim Min-gyu mainly conducted research on direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions at home. The degree study of student Kim Min-gyu conducted a decomposition analysis of indirect greenhouse gas emissions changes in the home sector over time by driving forces. Currently, we are conducting research on the calculation and consistency of greenhouse gas emissions in scope 3 generated in the supply chain of each domestic industry.
SUNG, JaeukDoctorate course
  • "Sydney University of Technology's Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences (2015) Seoul National University's Master of Urban Planning (2023)"
Energy demand management Supply chain carbon emission management


  • Yamaguichi, Park & Sung. (2023). Community Engagement and Education for Sustainable Development: Promising Cases. Evolution of the United Nations System. Routledge Press.
"Sung Jaeuk believes that improving energy consumption efficiency is a key factor in carbon neutrality and is interested in demand management that changes energy-saving behavior to that end. Recently, we are interested in research to increase precision in measuring carbon emissions through the advancement of the scope 3 emission coefficient, and we want to develop sustainability in response to the climate crisis. In parallel, the issue of carbon credits is also within the scope of research."