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We are charting new paths towards carbon neutrality

We provide solutions to achieve carbon neutrality.

The increasing concem about extreme weather events has become a national issue. Challenges such as the EU's carbon border adjustment mechanism and emerging carbon trade barriers, such as supply chain due diligence and carbon neutrality policies, pose significant threats to our economy. Given the severity of the climate crisis and the urgency to reorganize our economic structure, there is no time to delay implementing carbon neutrality.

Achieving carbon neutrality necessitates synchronizing three vital components: stable climate policies that drive the demand for greenhouse gas mitigation, the development and deployment of innovative technologies to meet this demand, and financial innovation from both private and government sectors to facilitate the process. Our future relies on developing carbon-neutrality solutions integrating science and technology with policy and finance. Equally crucial is nurturing critical human talents with expertise and leadership to propel global green growth. This involves a profound understanding of policy and financial markets to innovate climate technologies and seize technological opportunities to create impactful climate policies and financial instruments.

In response to this urgent need, KAIST has established the Graduate School of Green Growth and Sustainability in 2023. We break down barriers between disciplines and offer transdisciplinary education and research, aiming to generate real social, economic, and environmental impact.

In these exceptional times, exceptional human talents are needed to make a difference. We are dedicated to becoming a world-class education and research institution, offering innovative solutions for carbon neutrality and leading the way in global green growth.

엄지용 Head Professor of KAIST Graduate School of Green Growth and Sustainability