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Combining Science & Technology
with Policy and Finance to Achieve Carbon Neutrality


We integrate science & technology with policy & finance for carbon neutrality


KAIST GGGS pursues a comprehensive understanding
of carbon neutrality technology, policy, and finance,
offering curricula for full-time master's and doctoral degrees.

Doctoral Program

Military-Academy Program

Master’s Program

international students


We have come together to address the challenge of carbon neutrality and lead green growth.

Faculty Information
  • KIM, Sanghyup

    National Carbon Neutrality Policy

  • KIM, Soyoung

    R&D Policy, Energy R&D Policy

  • KIM, Changick

    Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Ecological AI

  • KIM, Hyungjun

    Climate Science, Climate Change Impact Assessment

  • KIM, Kevin

    Corporate Disclosure, ESG Disclosure

  • SHIM, Sangmin

    Climate Change Law Policy, International Law Negotiations

  • EOM, Jiyong

    Energy Demand Innovation, Climate Finance Risk Assessment

  • YUN, Seyoung

    Machine Learning, Weather Prediction AI

  • LEE, Nalae

    ESG Management Strategy, a climate change policy

  • IN, SohYoung

    Asset valuation and economic analysis based on climate scenarios

  • JEON, Jooyoung

    Quantitative Forecasting, Applied Statistics

  • MCJEON, Haewon

    Climate Economics and Policy

  • JEONG, Seungwon

    Microeconomics, Mechanism Design

  • JUNG, Jaemin

    Environmental journalism, risk communication

  • KIM, Kyungsoo

    Green Transportation Systems

  • KIM, Namil

    Combustion Engineering, Thermal Engineering

  • KIM, Chul

    Low Power Semiconductor Integrated Circuits

  • KIM, HyunJung

    mart Manufacturing, Scheduling

  • PARK, Sanghoo

    Plasma Catalytic Reaction

  • PARK, Seongjun

    Artificial Plants, Brain-Machine Interfaces

  • OH, Jihun

    Electrochemistry, Carbon Dioxide Conversion

  • LEE, SangYup

    Metabolic Engineering, Industrial Biotechnology

  • LEE, Jae Woo

    CO2 conversion

  • JUNG, HeeTae

    Nanostructures, Artificial Photosynthesis

  • CHOI, SungYool

    Graphene/2D Materials and Devices, Low-power AI Semiconductors

  • KIM, SangOuk

    Energy Materials, Catalysts, Nanomaterials

  • PARK, KiBum

    Renewable energy grid integration

  • BAE, Joongmyeon

    Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Fuel Reformation

  • SEO, Donghwa

    Batteries, Energy Materials, Computational Science

  • SON, Jeongrak

    Energy R&D strategy, energy integrated system

  • SHIN, Byungha

    Solar Cells, (Photo)Electrochemical

  • YOO, Seunghyup

    Organic and Inorganic Hybrid Solar Cells

  • LEE, KangTaek

    Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • LEE, Jungyong

    Solar Cells, Renewable Energy

  • LEE, JeongIk

    Small Modular Nuclear Power Plants, Power Generation Systems

  • CHANG, Deajun

    Liquid Hydrogen Systems

  • CHUNG, SungYoon

    Water Electrolysis, Electrochemical Catalysts

  • JUNG, WooChul

    Fuel Cells, Water Electrolysis

  • CHO, EunAe

    Fuel Cells, Water Electrolysis, Batteries

  • KIM, Seungkyum

    Climate change adaptation, green infrastructure, urban resilience

  • KIM, Youngchul

    Urban Design, Urban Analysis, Smart Cities

  • KIM, Inhee

    Sustainable transportation system, restoration of transportation network

  • KIM, Hana

    Promoting Green Behavior, Energy-Water Nexus

  • RYU, Sukyoung

    Programming Language, Software Engineering

  • MYUNG, Jaewook

    Bioplastics, Environmental Microbes

  • OH, Alice

    Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning

  • LEE, Dongman

    Edge Computing, IoT, Placeability

  • LEE, Jinwoo

    Transportation Infrastructure Planning

  • JANG, Kitae

    Sustainable Mobility Systems

  • JANG, SungJu

    Zero Energy Buildings, Green Remodeling

  • HAN, AlbertTonghoon

    Sustainable Urban Development



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